Trap, Neuter, Return/Re-home (TNR) Feral Cat Program


Breaking the cycle

TNR is a way to break the cycle of continuously breeding unwanted “community” cats. The cats are humanely trapped, taken to a clinic for spay/neuter, and given needed medical treatment. They are then found appropriate homes.

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Kittens and gentler cats can often be adopted as house pets. More fearful cats may be appropriate for CVAS's barn cat program. If they came from a safe location where someone will continue to care for them, they will be returned to that location.


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Untreated infections can cause endless pain and lead to permanent disability

To help reduce pet overpopulation, CVAS partners with local organizations that provide low-cost spay/neuter services to the public.

Stevens County Cat Care and the Northeast Washington Spay Neuter Alliance both offer mobile feline spay/neuter clinics where low-income residents can get cats fixed at a rate which is far less than traditional veterinarian clinics.

Call them today for help at:

Stevens County Cat Care (509) 935-6369

Northeast Washington Spay Neuter Alliance (253)242-3031


community cats

Many people mistakenly believe that all cats are like wild animals and do fine fending for themselves in the outdoors. This tragically wrong belief explains the large number of indoor cats that are abandoned outside, and may explain the high percentage of cats that are not spayed or neutered.

The life of an abandoned or feral cat is often one of misery. If they approach a house looking for food and warmth, they are likely to be chased away or worse... With no one looking out for them, they may be tormented by fleas and ear mites which can lead to infections causing endless pain and permanent disability such as blindness.

Too often, these animals, which were once someone's pets or are the offspring of someone's pets, are “out of sight, out of mind.”

One outdoor cat giving birth to five kittens can lead to five breeding feral cats. Over a short amount of time, hundreds and eventually thousands of homeless cats are the result.

Please spay/neuter your pets and learn how YOU can help community cats get the much needed care they are in dire need of!