CVAS Stats

This page provides figures highlighting how CVAS serves the people and animals of Stevens County. Not shown are animals that are helped outside the shelter, such as at our low-cost clinics or through coordinating other resources. And of course statistics can't tell the story behind each animal's arrival, or the way people are helped when CVAS takes in animals they love but can no longer care for.

How many cats and dogs does CVAS shelter?

CVAS last 3 years' sheltered animals 2.jpg

Where do they come from?

CVAS animal origins 2015-17.JPG

Who do you call in an area with no county or city humane society?

CVAS responds to a large number of phone calls that would otherwise go to the Sheriff’s or city police offices. CVAS cannot track all phone calls, but when a message goes to voicemail, the reason for the call gets written down so the appropriate person can respond. In the first 7 months of 2017, CVAS responded to 358 such messages. The graph below shows the reasons for the 358 calls that went to CVAS voicemail from January through July of 2017. When CVAS cannot help directly, we try to help with possible solutions, including where to call about affordable spay/neuter, or alternative-to-shelter options to help a cat or dog.

CVAS calls graph 2017.JPG