CVAS encounters many animals who end up needing long term assistance. In order to provide adequate care for these animals, CVAS depends entirely on the goodwill of the community through donations and volunteers. You can help these deserving animals through our 2018 "Sponsor a Pet" program. For under 80 cents a day ($25 a month) you can provide the food and medical care needed for a long-term resident of your choice. You will receive monthly updates on your animal with a picture included, and you are encouraged (but not required) to come and socialize with him/her. If you are interested in sponsoring any of the animals listed below, click here to donate, or call (509) 684-1475 to sign up today!



CVAS has been working on renovating our dog building for a couple of years! We have accomplished so much, but still have work to do!

So far, CVAS has a new building, new kennels (to replace ones that had been worn down over time by big dogs), and doggy doors for each kennel! We are working on several more renovations, including building individual dog runs for each kennel. To support our dog program and the dog building, click here!



Chance was a stray found near Walmart in Colville. When he was brought to CVAS on August 2nd, he had a gaping wound on his neck and was very smelly from his infection and in a lot of pain. We rushed him to the vet immediately where he was given pain medication and put under anesthesia so his wound could be cleaned.

Chance is currently recovering from a calicivirus infection and is under quarantine at the Sanctuary. He is FIV+ and has a weakened immune system, and is more susceptible to infections. Chance will be with us for quite a while, as his injuries need to heal, he needs to put on weight, and recover from his infection. He is very friendly and talkative, and our volunteers and staff are giving him lots of love and tuna fish! He is still young, between two and three years old, and despite the fact that he is FIV+ he is healing well. To sponsor Chance, click here!



Kitten season is in full swing here at CVAS! We have many new mothers and their kittens, as well as several other litters. Some of our youngsters also need some additional medical care and socializing. New mothers and their babies require extra special care, safety precautions, and nutrition, and would definitely benefit from some loving community sponsors! To sponsor the CVAS nursery (the Kitty Cabin) click here!

Billy (2).JPG


Billy was a feral stray brought to CVAS in 2013. Billy is FIV positive so he tends to get overlooked when it comes to adoption. Billy is not a huge love bug, and prefers to be left alone. Despite seeming like a tough guy, Billy does have one soft spot--Allie. Allie, listed below, became Billy's best friend. They spend many hours cuddling and showing affection toward one another. Together they show that love truly can be found in the oddest of places. To sponsor Billy, click here!

Screen Shot 2018-06-10 at 8.17.22 PM.png


Allie came to us when her owner passed away. Allie is very affectionate and quite talkative. Unfortunately, Allie has the human equivalency of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), meaning she has frequent accidents outside the litter box. So far her gastric issues are being managed with only partial success, and she is not a good candidate for adoption. She  spends her days cuddling with her beloved Billy, chatting with staff and volunteers, and taking naps in the sunshine. To sponsor the beautiful Allie, click here!