CVAS encounters many animals who end up needing long term assistance. In order to provide adequate care for these animals, CVAS depends entirely on the goodwill of the community through donations and volunteers. You can help these deserving animals through our 2019 "Sponsor a Pet" program. For under 80 cents a day ($25 a month) you can provide the food and medical care needed for a long-term resident of your choice. You will receive monthly updates on your animal with a picture included, and you are encouraged (but not required) to come and socialize with him/her. If you are interested in sponsoring any of the animals listed below, click here to donate, or call (509) 684-1475 to sign up today!

Butch 2019

Meet Butch, The Miracle Kitten

Told by his Permanent Foster Family, “This is Butch and he is a hospice kitty. He will be in my home until he crosses the rainbow bridge. I have fostered him for almost a year now, and several times we have thought he was at the end of his time here with us. When I originally started fostering him and his brother they were around 6 weeks old, and we thought they were healthy. Butch's brother thrived and was able to be fixed and adopted, but Butch did not. Butch was not putting on weight, had his tongue out all the time (as you see in the picture from yesterday). I also noticed that after an ear mite treatment, when I first brought him home he was very lethargic. On labor day of last year before we knew what was wrong with Butch he became unresponsive, but was breathing at an odd rate, and was losing control of his faculties. I immediately called CVAS, Crystal called the vet. Both the vet and Crystal came in on their day off to find out what was happening. The vet informed us it didn't look good, and she wanted to keep him for test, fluids, and observation. After keeping him for a couple days they sent him home with antibiotics and said they were not sure what was wrong. Becca at CVAS sent the blood work results to another vet for a second opinion with his history. The second vet came back quickly and told us what was wrong. She said Butch was a miracle kitten and she was amazed he was even born alive! She said he either didn't have a liver or only a shunt of one. This explained why medicine didn’t agree with him, why he was not growing, the tongue out (sign of nausea), drools and lethargy. She at that point said she didn’t think it would be long until he passed. Well as you can see he is still here. I have nicked named him the Energizer Kitten. Every time we think he is down and mention him passing, by the end of the day he is up proving us wrong! When Butch is having a good day he is so funny. I have 6 dogs that he has grown up with, so he thinks he is a dog. He wags his tail like a dog, chases us like a dog and even plays tug a war. He prefers his food puréd and loves to snuggle.” To sponsor Butch, click here.


Bear Bear

Meet sweet timid Bear, who despite his tumultuous life, is still optimistic to find a safe home. Arriving to us with severe hair loss oh his rear end, we immediately had him examined by our wonderful volunteer veterinarians. Both recommended blood work, flea treatment and close observation. His blood work coming back normal, we were relieved to find that his uncomfortable appearance was due to a severe allergy, and not an underlying medical condition (which is VERY common with older dogs.) He is now on special medication twice a day for at least three weeks. During which time we are giving him lots of kind words (After all he IS a handsome fellow!), treats and snuggle time. To help a senior dog on the road to recovery during his long search for love, please sponsor him today by clicking here !


The Dog Building

CVAS has been working on renovating our dog building for SEVERAL years. We have accomplished so much, but still have work to do!

So far, CVAS has a new building, new kennels (to replace ones that had been worn down over time by big dogs), and doggy doors for each kennel!

We have been able to install outdoor runs for each dog to have it’s own play area and they love it! We do however need to finish capping them, as we often have pups that like to climb and jump fences.

We are trying to raise funds to be able to replace our doggie door covers that have been chewed on by bored pups as well. To sponsor our dog program, click here!


The Kitten Cabin

Kitten Season at CVAS starts in late March and lasts through November. We are officially in the thick of Kitten Season with little ones galore!

We have several new mothers and their kittens waiting to come to us for help, as well as several in foster homes.

Some of the youngsters that come to CVAS need some additional medical care and socializing, and new mothers (and their babies) always need extra special care, safety precautions, and nutrition, and would definitely benefit from some loving community sponsors! To sponsor the CVAS nursery (the Kitty Cabin) click here!

Billy (2).JPG

Billy the Kid

Billy was a feral stray brought to CVAS in 2013. Billy is FIV positive so he tends to get overlooked when it comes to adoption. Billy is not a huge love bug, and prefers to be left alone. Despite seeming like a tough guy, Billy does have one soft spot--Allie. Allie, listed below, became Billy's best friend. They spend many hours cuddling and showing affection toward one another. Together they show that love truly can be found in the oddest of places. Billy and Allie are sanctuary wanderers! If you stop by the sanctuary, be sure to say hello to Billy and Allie! To sponsor Billy, click here!

Screen Shot 2018-06-10 at 8.17.22 PM.png


Allie came to us when her owner passed away. Allie is very affectionate and quite talkative. Unfortunately, Allie has the human equivalency of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), meaning she has frequent accidents outside the litter box. So far her gastric issues are being managed with only partial success, and she is not a good candidate for adoption. She  spends her days cuddling with her beloved Billy, chatting with staff and volunteers, and taking naps in the sunshine. Allie and Billy are now sanctuary wanderers! You can see them cattin’ around CVAS! To sponsor the beautiful Allie, click here!


Her Majesty, Mena

Near the end of July, we went to the public regarding Mena's health. Mena is a sweet feline resident of CVAS who has yet to be adopted due to a condition affecting her eyes. We noticed her vision getting worse over the course of her time here, so we scheduled an appointment with a cat eye specialist. Thanks to the help of our community, Mena was able to visit the vet and receive the special care she needed!

Her eyes were treated similarly to a human's vision appointment, which we found fascinating! Although animals and humans differ, we all need a little TLC! We've posted a video of Mena's appointment here and on our Facebook page so that you can see exactly how her eyes were treated.

Mena was given a nasal vaccine and eye ointment to try and mend her condition. We want to extend a huge thank you to those who donated for Mena!

Mena has recently gone to a foster home where she is the queen of the castle! Click “Donate” at the top of the page to sponsor Mena’s continued treatment.