Becca Shaw

Becca is the Sanctuary's animal care coordinator extraordinaire. She manages animal intake and care, adoptions and vaccination clinics, and helps with all the things that come up every day.





Crystal is a local resident of the area and is happy to be making a difference in the community she calls home. She is the shelter associate, a job that encompasses different duties to make sure that things run smoothly.




Shelbie loves her animals, Bella and Tara, and is extremely family oriented. She enjoys reading, drawing, travelling, and meeting new people/cultures. She believes that every day is an opportunity to be a better person than you were yesterday. 

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Dave Fietz

A retired computer programmer, David moved to Washington in 2009 where he and his animal-loving wife Linda have a small ranch with a number (don‘t ask!) of cats, dogs, sheep, goats, alpacas, chickens, and ducks. He has volunteered and served on the board of the Valley Food Pantry since 2011, and has volunteered at Stevens County Cat Care for several years. He joined CVAS in 2016, where he hopes to improve its funding base, physical facilities, and volunteer participation. He and Linda periodically foster kittens and are honored to work with some wonderful folks dedicated to animal welfare in eastern Washington. Dave presently serves as CVAS Treasurer.


Linda Fietz

Linda was born in Spokane and graduated from Spokane Community College to become a licensed practical nurse. She moved to Sacramento and worked at Kaiser Permanente Medical Group for 20+ years. In that time she raised and trained Dobermans and German Shepherds to compete in (and win!) Schutzhund and AKC obedience trials. Linda moved back to eastern Washington in 1999, and unlike husband Dave, is willing to list here for the record the extent of the menagerie at the family home:  2 horses, a small flock of Jacob sheep, a few dairy goats, chickens, 3 alpacas, 3 huarizos (½ alpaca, ½ llama), a plethora of rescue cats, 2 rescue dogs plus 3 Great Pyrenees (to protect the cats and livestock from the coyotes, cougars, and bear). Linda enjoys making things with fiber (hence all the fiber animals), vegetable gardening, and serving on the CVAS board.

Mary Ikagawa

Mary works in conservation and devotes the rest of her time to battling a lifelong compulsion to take home every cat she meets. She serves as CVAS President.



Moya Neal has lived in Chewelah since 2008 and has worked for Providence in the past.  She and her husband started a business for the surrounding area called Chewelah Mailboxes and More.  This was an excellent service needed in the Chewelah.  She worked that store for 3 years and then they sold to the local newspaper The Chewelah Independent.

Moya loves animals and wants to serve the community in some way to protect our wonderful pets! She has a certificate in Animal Health and thought she could donate her time in focusing on the financial end of Colville Valley Animal Shelter and help raise funding for this wonderful place.

Moya and her husband George moved up from the Sacramento area after 50 years living in the northern California area.  This is where Moya worked in her younger years as a veterinary technician.