Purrcy found CVAS in 2013 when Nancy, a long-time volunteer, was trapping a group of cats who had been left alone out on Williams Lake Road when their owner passed away. Nancy was checking the traps in the morning and Purrcy came out of nowhere, stumbled up to her and collapsed at her feet. He was skin and bones and missing most of his hair. Most likely he would not have survived another night or two outside in his condition. He had to wear a sweater for months until his fur grew back. A dramatic origin story for a dramatic cat...

Becca Shaw

Becca is the Sanctuary's Animal Care Coordinator extraordinaire. She manages animal intake and care, adoptions and vaccination clinics, and helps with all the things that come up every day.






Jeff is a twenty-year resident of Stevens County, a long-time dog and cat lover who has volunteered at CVAS for the past 18 months and now serves as President of the board. He is a former paratrooper, retired Alaska State Trooper, and currently teaches martial arts. Jeff and wife Linda have adopted six cats from CVAS and have confirmed, beyond doubt, that “dogs have families; cats have staff”. He is pictured here with one of his “feral” barn cats.



Linda was born and raised in Spokane.  She spent many of her childhood summers on her aunt and uncle’s farm in the Kettle Falls area.  After 21 years in Alaska, she and her husband Jeff moved to Colville in 1998.

Linda began volunteering at CVAS in 2016, with the hopes of fulfilling her cat fix after her two old Siamese cats passed away.   She now has five rescued cats at home, but continues to volunteer with cleaning duties.

She joined the board as a way to further help the shelter care for animals in need.  She hopes that being a weekly cleaner gives her a more complete understanding of the needs and function of the shelter.


Jennifer Miller

Jennifer is a hard working volunteer of CVAS who wanted to contribute in more aspects than kennel cleaning (which she has been doing two days a week for over a year!). Jennifer grew up in Maine on a 500-acre dairy farm, rode horses and volunteered for 4 years at local no-kill animal shelters. She now leads the Pet Food Bank Program, helping our community feed their companion animals (and yes, she still cleans litter boxes).



Jenny and her husband of over 20 years, Lance, are transplants from Fort Worth, Texas and truly love their new home state.  Jenny is a mother of three grown children, and blessed with one granddaughter.  Jenny started with CVAS as a kitten foster, and now has added office work and board member to her CVAS resume.  Previous to moving to Washington Jenny worked in the mortgage industry, as an office manager for close to a decade in a senior financial planning office.  During the summer she volunteers for 3 Pines youth camp in Kettle Falls preparing meals for the campers.  In Texas she also volunteered for the following groups and positions: HOA social and newsletter chair for a 526 home subdivision.  Treasurer for the Keller Bible Church, and one of the original members.  Girl Scout and Boy Scout leader.

Jenny's goal is to help spread the word about CVAS.  She would love to educate, and get the youth of our area involved with CVAS.  Also, to help with more adoption events to find our precious animals new homes.



Lance brings much needed IT experience to CVAS.  He is a principal system engineer with over 20 years in the computer industry.  He proudly served 4 years in the Air Force.  Lance previously resided in Texas where he volunteered  with a local veterinarian office as assistant while receiving his bachelor's in animal science pre veterinarian degree.  Also, he was his neighborhood HOA government chair where he worked with the local city government, and helped with the social and newsletter committees.  Lance currently volunteers with his local fire district.  In his spare time he is also handy with construction and cars.

Lance looks forward to helping CVAS wherever he is needed.