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Thank you for visiting us at CiderFest!

We had a great time at the Marcus CiderFest on the 6th, and we’d like to thank our wonderful community for its turnout to our booth! It was a beautiful day, and our staff, volunteers, and board members who attended had a lot of fun! Thank you so much for supporting CVAS, the cats and dogs really appreciate it!


A volunteer and a board member dressed up for the occasion, and also decided to participate in the car show that morning. As you can see, they enjoyed themselves immensely!


 Kevin, a very handsome boy, was found in Colville, and is currently with us at CVAS. He is very energetic and playful!

Kevin, a very handsome boy, was found in Colville, and is currently with us at CVAS. He is very energetic and playful!

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Every month, CVAS holds a vaccination clinic at the Country Store in Colville. All vaccinations are $15 (rabies, 4-way combo for dogs, 3-way combo for cats). Microchips are available for $20. Deworming is just $1 for cats/small dogs, $2 for large dogs. The next clinic is scheduled for October 27th from 10am-12pm.

NOTE: We can only accept cash at this time.


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Kitten season is here, and CVAS is low on foster families! If you are willing to take care of a mama cat or some motherless kittens for a little while (often about 2 weeks), please give us a call, or complete our Foster Form! Caring fosters save lives and give kittens the human interaction needed to give them a good chance of finding permanent, loving homes. If you have experience with bottle babies and are willing to do the frequent feedings, please let us know.

We also have a "kitten wish list" on the flyer at the bottom of this page. Thank you again to our regular fosters, you do heroic work!


CVAS wants to thank everyone who came to the free adoption event on August 25th! Many animals found loving homes, including the adorable Marshall (pictured below).





Roberto, a sweet stray, came to us on May 26th covered in ticks and scabs. He also had an upper respiratory infection and conjunctivitis. We had to throw away his bedding, as it was filled with MORE ticks, and then remove the ticks still attached to him. He recovered from his infestation and his infections, and recently had surgery on his eyes, and has now found his furrever home!


Rosie (right) came to CVAS in July with two other adult cats and two kittens. Rosie was severely malnourished, weighing about four pounds. She has since been spayed and was on a steady diet of cat food and butter (yes, butter!!) to help her gain weight!  She has since gained a LOT of weight (she’s kind of a little chunk now) and is now available for adoption! Visit our Sponsor an Animal page for more information about how to sponsor a CVAS animal, or click here to look at our adoptable animals!

  CVAS alumni Hank and Zipurr

CVAS alumni Hank and Zipurr

Make an appointment today to visit our wonderful cats and dogs. If you aren't ready to bring a new pet home, you can "virtually adopt," and sponsor the care of an animal in need.

Volunteers are the heart and soul of CVAS. Make a difference in your community, and join us!

Your donations make our shelter and rescue work possible. With your support, every year CVAS helps more than 600 cats and dogs in need of food, shelter, and medical care.

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