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Take me home? hm?

Take me home? hm?

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Pet foster parents help all kinds of animals, from tiny kittens that need bottle feeding to senior dogs. Some animals just need a quiet space to recover from tough times. If you have a little extra time and space, consider becoming a foster parent, and come to the rescue of an animal in need!

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If you love animals but can't bring one home, consider sponsoring a cat or dog at CVAS! Some of our animals need special food or medical care, or for a variety of reasons need to stay longer at the shelter. For just $15/month, you can be an animal's hero and cover much of their care. Call about making an appointment to visit, or see animals awaiting a sponsor here.

Call CVAS and sponsor a pet today!

Call CVAS and sponsor a pet today!

SPONSOR OR VISIT A PET: 509-684-1475